Steam in-home streaming, Nvidia Gamestream / GeForce Experience, Moonlight, Linux and the big confusion

I’ve been struggling the whole afternoon to try to make my Linux Ubuntu box stream my Steam games to my Raspberry Pi 3 (which runs Recalbox btw).

And I’ve lost my day. Really. Lost.


Why ? Because there is a huge confusion regarding what are exactly Steam’s “in-home streaming” and Nvidia GeForce Experience / Gamestream.

I red everywhere it was simple but it is not and it seems it can’t be done (at least today 2018/05/05). Here’s why.

First a brief recap:

  • Steam’s “in-home streaming”: this is a Steam technology, which most restrictive requirement is that you need as a client one of those:
    • another Steam (be it on Windows or Linux)
    • or a Steam Link (hardware box)

This means that Steam in-home streaming cannot stream to a Raspberry PI client, period.

  • Nvidia Gamestream: this is a Nvidia proprietary technology originally aimed at streaming to a Nvidia Shield handheld console. But there now exist an Open Source client named Moonlight. The CLIENT runs on a Raspberry Pi as well as on Android / iOS. Gamestream server is provided by the utility named “GeForce Experience”. BUT the server‘s requirements are strict:
    • GeForce 660+ NVidia graphic card
    • Windows ONLY. It seems there is currently no Linux server implemented.

This means that Gamestream cannot be used to stream from a server Linux PC.

Conclusion: to my understanding, in mid-2018, you CANNOT stream your games from a Linux PC (such as Ubuntu or whatever) to your Raspberry Pi. I agree, this is a real shame ! Problem was on the internet that every article mixes Steam In-home streaming for Nvidia Gamestream and the big confusion arise.