Steam in-home streaming, Nvidia Gamestream / GeForce Experience, Moonlight, Linux and the big confusion

Edit 2018/12/03: Valve has just announced “Steam Link now in BETA on Raspberry Pi“. This should solve the problem and if it works  well, my post below is not true anymore. I’ll have to test, but I can now say that “I’m so happy to finally be able to stream my Steam games to my Raspberry Pi “. Yeah !

Original post 2018/05/05:

I’ve been struggling the whole afternoon to try to make my Linux Ubuntu box stream my Steam games to my Raspberry Pi 3 (which runs Recalbox btw).

And I’ve lost my day. Really. Lost.


Why ? Because there is a huge confusion regarding what are exactly Steam’s “in-home streaming” and Nvidia GeForce Experience / Gamestream.

I red everywhere it was simple but it is not and it seems it can’t be done (at least today 2018/05/05). Here’s why.

First a brief recap:

  • Steam’s “in-home streaming”: this is a Steam technology, which most restrictive requirement is that you need as a client one of those:
    • another Steam (be it on Windows or Linux)
    • or a Steam Link (hardware box)

This means that Steam in-home streaming cannot stream to a Raspberry PI client, period.

  • Nvidia Gamestream: this is a Nvidia proprietary technology originally aimed at streaming to a Nvidia Shield handheld console. But there now exist an Open Source client named Moonlight. The CLIENT runs on a Raspberry Pi as well as on Android / iOS. Gamestream server is provided by the utility named “GeForce Experience”. BUT the server‘s requirements are strict:
    • GeForce 660+ NVidia graphic card
    • Windows ONLY. It seems there is currently no Linux server implemented.

This means that Gamestream cannot be used to stream from a server Linux PC.

Conclusion: to my understanding, in mid-2018, you CANNOT stream your games from a Linux PC (such as Ubuntu or whatever) to your Raspberry Pi. I agree, this is a real shame ! Problem was on the internet that every article mixes Steam In-home streaming for Nvidia Gamestream and the big confusion arise.