Remotly launch a batch file on a Windows computer

Here’s a tip for remotly executing a command on a Windows computer in your network (supposing the target computer has allowed remote connections -NDMyself: this is to be checked…-). Suppose you want to run a batch file on a Windows computer called \\targetMachine. Suppose the batch file to execute is stored on a shared drive. Suppose a user on the target machine is created with login “toto” & password “myPassword”. Then the following batch executed from any computer in the network will run the test.bat file on the computer named “targetMachine”

Here’s the code:
set machine=targetMachine
set file=\\eici01\user\FMA\test.bat
set user=toto
set userPwd=myPassword
set executeAs=%user%
set executeAsPwd=%userPwd%
schtasks /Create /S %machine% /U %user% /P %userPwd% /RU %executeAs% /RP %executeAsPwd% /SC ONCE /TN install /TR %file% /ST 00:00:00
schtasks /Run /S %machine% /U %user% /P %userPwd% /TN install

(tested on Windows XP SP2)

  • Updated on 2009-07-01, thanks to Sasquatch, corrected “set executeAsPwd=%user%” as “set executeAsPwd=%userPwd%”
  • Updated on 2009-12-26, thanks to Neiv, correctly renamed the targetMachine in the code

Convert a PDF into a Word .doc file

My girlfriend Violaine is finishing its thesis. She has published articles in magazines during this thesis and wanted to add those PDF articles, as published in the magazines, in its final thesis doc. I was not able to find any automatic way to put a PDF into a Word document, so I decided to create mine.

The following method could be used too in order to print protected PDF (but you should not do it !)

Here are the file you need to download:


You can go to this website for updated documentation: