Convert a PDF into a Word .doc file

My girlfriend Violaine is finishing its thesis. She has published articles in magazines during this thesis and wanted to add those PDF articles, as published in the magazines, in its final thesis doc. I was not able to find any automatic way to put a PDF into a Word document, so I decided to create mine.

The following method could be used too in order to print protected PDF (but you should not do it !)

Here are the file you need to download:


You can go to this website for updated documentation:


2 thoughts on “Convert a PDF into a Word .doc file

  1. i want convery persian pdf 2 word but the font is not good (not good read)
    plz give more info or help…. tnx

  2. Which font is not good enough ? Do you talk about the font in the images created by the “ExtractImages.bat” file ? It uses ImageMagick to create the images, so maybe you can ‘tweak’ the parameters on the command-line used in “ExtractImages.bat”… As I don’t know Persian, I’ll leave it up to you to read ImageMagick manual to see if you can find some usefull parameters.

    I know there are other tool with a more professional look than my own tool:

    Hope it can help you, and please, report here which one worked best for you.

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