Date your articles !

I often read blogs or articles on the net. One thing I dislike is when people do not write the date of publication of their articles. Things go so fast, especially in computing field that when I take time to read an article, I’d like to be sure it’s not totally outdated. One can not always stay up to date, keep up with latest trends & techno. But the date gives a good indication about how to consider the article. If it’s quite old, i’ll concentrate my reading on the globality, but if its recent, i may have a deeper look at technical details because I know it may be usefull for later.
So when you write, do not forget to date what you write. And display it clearly at the beginning of the article.
So now, i’ll push the “publish” button to publish this blog entry and i’ll discover how ‘Blogger’ handle the date: does it follow my advice and put it at the beginning ? Or does it write it at the end ?! Hope I won’t be contradict by my own blog ! (just to be sure: 2006-12-13 😉 ).
Before I “publish” it, just to let you know. I’ll try to publish in english now as I have to train myself and as I believe that a single langage is the best that could happen to this world: people have so much difficulties understanding each other so let’s first destroy one of the barriers (the langage one).


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